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Make India Happen: Doing Business in India

Facts that make India a market you can’t ignore:

  • A 325M consuming middle-class, the same size as the entire US population…
  • 66% of the popluation below the age of 35
  • As a percentage of GDP, manufacturing has grown from 15% in 2015, to 19% today; the goal is 25% by 2022

However, converting opportunity into results demands a clear understanding of your organization’s objectives and a history of experience doing business in India. Schedule a Consult

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Our Process- and Data-Driven Approach

  1. Understand your need: Is India a relevant market? A one-on-one sit down with the client to understand ‘Why India?’ What is the driving force? What are the opportunities and challenges in doing business with India?
  2. Market Research: In-depth data gathering to understand the market and define and quantify the specific opportunities; often followed by visits to India with client to fully comprehend and internalize research findings.
  3. Entry Strategy: Determine best method to enter the market. Entry options include: Going it alone; JV/Distribution/Licensing; Working with an India partner; Acquisition; etc. Visthar works with the client to build the business case and financial models – all the way to setting up the Indian entity.
  4. Deployment in India: Project Definition, Planning and Implementation. Full ownership and involvement in the quality and performance of every deliverable. Critical coordination between client personnel and key resources in India.
  5. Partners in India: Industry specialists and experts – a host of invaluable contacts cultivated over decades of successfully completing projects in India for our North America clients. Visthar selectively hand-picks and deploys professionals who help us “Make India Happen”

We manage your project through the entire process.

The Power of Our Network

  • Market Research: Work with one of the best B2B and industrial market research companies in India since 1991.
  • Tax/Audit/Accounting/Finance: Partner with US-affiliate firms in India, as well as with leading domestic Indian companies, based on the particular needs of each client.
  • Legal: Access to some of the leading corporate law firms experienced in working with US companies, as well as an in-depth knowledge of Indian law and the legal system.
  • Regulatory and Compliance: Benefit from domain expertise on various regulatory/compliance matters – a critical concern in conducting international business.
  • Site Selection and Start-up: Conduct demographic studies across multiple regions/cities of India to select the best suited location(s). Drill down to site selection, lease negotiation and obtain required local government permits, and licenses.
  • Recruiting and HR: Work with one of the leading HR executives in India to access a vast network of HR professionals and service firms. Benefit from deep experience in recruiting (interviewing and hiring) senior- and mid-management executives for US subsidiaries in India.
  • Specialty Consultants: Tap key industry and functional experts with knowledge of, and experience in, working with US companies – a critical element in ensuring success.

It’s as much who you know, even more so in India.

What We Deliver

  • Specific recommendations and priorities based on research findings
  • Bridging the cultural gap as business advisor and India-project manager
  • Selection and deployment of the best resources to get the job done
  • Collaboration in a complex business environment

How Visthar Makes India Happen

Doing the Right Things (EFFECTIVE), and Doing Things Right (EFFICIENT) can be significantly more critical and challenging in the Indian business environment.

How do you pick what’s right for India?

How can you be sure it’s being done right in India?

four square graphic illustrating the convergence of effiency and effectiveness

We translate executive decisions in the US into measurable results in India.

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